Jul 18, 2017 01:00 PM

Never stop learning. 3 more strategies for you

Dear Traders,

Despite the level of your trading, it is always better to have an additional card up your sleeve. We will give you cards which will improve your trading significantly!

We present you three strategies that work. Those have been examined and tested by traders all over the world. You can always get better. And we will help you with that!

  • Strategy #1. Hedging

That strategy minimizes your risks or doubles your investment. How do you do that: you open a deal for 5 minutes, for example, investing into Call. In order to secure that deal you open another trade which will be closed at exactly the same time as your first one, but with another direction, Put.



With that strategy, we have two deals expiring at the same time but with different directions. If one deal is lost, you will cover it by the winning deal. Master that strategy so you win both deals and double your profit!


  • Strategy #2. Pairs trading


That strategy is perfect for all market conditions, you are no longer tied up by the volatility.

How do you do that: choose two pairs moving almost identically EURUSD and CHFUSD are good for that strategy. Define which pair is leading (EURUSD) and which is following (CHFUSD) by analysing the charts for similarities. 2 pairs have to have something in common and show a strong correlation between them. The leading pair is the one showing the best result, while the other one is following it. 



Compare quotes of those two and when you see a big difference - open a trade. The following pair will always reach to the leading one. Invest into the direction which will lead to convergence of pairs.


  • Strategy #3. Scaling

If you see your deal is winning you can double or even triple the profit with that simple strategy. How do you do that: you open a deal in High/Low for 30 minutes. During the deal, you can see that the trend is solid, so you open another deal to the same direction with the same expiration time. It is important to open all deals with the same expiry!



That way you start with one deal and can open more deals in addition. From the beginning, you don’t risk big investments, but once the trend is confirmed, you invest more to gain more profit!

Sincerely yours,

Ayrex Team.