Nov 15, 2017 07:05 PM

Best Traders of October 2017

Dear Traders,


The list of the most successful traders is finally here! Let's see how our new champions are:


The 1st place - and a status of the biggest monthly profit belongs to Scholz M. from Germany. It's hard to disagree, his results are truly amazing: $157 990 from $118 790. Though initial balance was one of the highest on Ayrex, total profit of $39 200 is still very impressive. How did he do it? Bitcoin and EUR/USD! Nice choice!


The 2nd place goes to the trader with the biggest profit earned on news - Khedar S. from India, who earned $7 440 in 2 (!) days (with the initial deposit of $1550). Khedar traded during the rise of EUR/USD on 26-27 October and multiplied his balance 18 times. That's what we call a quality trading!


The 3rd place along with the title of the most impressive new trader is taken by Saputra R. from Indonesia, who increased his balance from $800 up to $13 200 this month. Saputra started his trading path on Ayrex from losing $2000. Despite the unfortunate start, he managed to fix it and take his profit and even more. A true trader's spirit!


More than 200k traders on Ayrex, who keep working on the dream of turning into the best trader this month. We wish you luck and patience on your way top!



Sincerely yours,

Ayrex Team.