Jun 30, 2017 02:24 PM

Get to know your Support Team

Dear Traders,

How often do you wonder who are the people on the other end of the line? Who are the heroes that save you from uncertainties, misunderstandings and technical problems?

Each day they receive hundreds of distress signals and helping you is the only goal that our agents are striving for. We think of it as a calling, not as just a job and though it can be tough sometimes, the genuine joy of helping you definitely worth it. So, the question remains, who stand behind the friendly guys on Live Chat?

Have you ever contacted our Support Team? If your answer is “100ds of times” (or just “yeah”), you’ve met Jordan, Liv, Sophie, Alice, Eva and Samantha. From Monday till Friday, from dusk till dawn they are here for you without any breaks or days off. Whatever question you have, they got the answer. By the way, did you know that “Could you tell me more about binary options?” is the most popular one that we hear? Nevertheless, we still can surprise you with the answer!

So, we’ll start with the most experienced member of the team and the only gentleman among the ladies - Jordan. If there is the one thing that Jordan loves more than his work, its music. Besides being a huge heavy metal fan, he is also a talented composer and we all hope to hear his music on the radio someday. The last time we’ve seen him he was talking about buying his dream guitar - Gibson Les Paul (what a beauty!). Go Jordan!

Music has always been an inspiration for all members of our team. You probably didn’t know but our agent Sophie is a passionate collector of rare vinyl, so there is always the best music playing in the background. Although in real life she is known to be full of jokes and sarcasm, her professional skills are always immaculate and extremely polite.

Old traders will recognise Samantha, who has been with the team for years now. Not only Sam knows how to fix the reported issue, but how to avoid any problems which might be connected with it. It seems that she just understand how all things work and it’s probably because she is an artist in her heart. Her polymer clay creatures look almost alive, so we can proudly say that we get to see real unicorns and mermaids in the office on the regular basis!

Liv is one of the best members of our team and it’s hard to catch her without a book. Her all time favourite is “Harry Potter”, which turned 20 years a couple of days ago. The whole team enjoys hearing about Liv’s time in France, where she studied Economics and enjoyed the local lifestyle. What she dislikes the most is bad rating, but fortunately, she never gets it.

All our agents are trying to assist you the best and as fast as possible and sometimes it looks like an Olympic marathon. In that case, Alice would always get the gold, because there is probably no one else in the office who adores sport as much as she does. No wonder our clients are always amazed of how fast their problem is fixed. Ready, steady, go, Alice!

The youngest member of our team is Eva, but she's already managed to get a lot of fans among us. No surprise here, it’s not often you can get to know such a brave girl, who spends her time on cars and drift. Needless to say, with Eva you’ll always get your answer instantly.

No matter what kind of question you have or how late it is, you can always ask us for help via Live Chat, or +44 20 3322 7337!

Sincerely yours,

Ayrex Team.