Jan 28, 2017 05:24 PM

Another 5 stages of becoming a super trader

Dear Traders,

Facing a failure we often get our expectations down and make a resolution never to do to it again. “Giving up” stage helps us to cope with our current negative emotions and disappointment.

No one likes to lose and if this happens we tend to fell into “depression” stage, playing all the things that went wrong over and over again. It’s the best to avoid this part or make it as short as possible, spending some quality time with your thoughts and making real plans how not to make same mistakes in the future.

After that is done we realize that mistakes are actually the best education we can get and it can make a better trader out of us someday. “Hope” is “perpetuum mobile” for every trader, because even professionals can mess it up sometimes. Be ready that you will make mistakes eventually, but learn your lesson and make it for the benefit of you.

Fully recovered we are ready to start trading again, entering the market with the priceless experience, which will help us further on. Market is going your way and “relief” makes you a smart trader again. It is very easy to give in to this impression that you are invincible, but stay concious and keep analyzing what is going on.

This brings up back to "optimism" stage, because not only market moves in circles, but with the help of your experience and admiting that you are only human after all, it is easy to control your trading and emotions. Start analyzing not only the market, but the way how you feel about it and step a little closer to becoming a super trader!

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Sincerely yours,

Ayrex Team.