May 3, 2017 01:19 PM

The best way to win the Demo Contest

Dear Traders,

Since there are more and more traders decide to join our free Demo Contest, stakes are getting higher every week. And it is not surprising, cause if you are looking for the fastest and free way to earn up to $100 in an hour and check out how other traders perform, this is probably the best way for it!

Although there are a lot of traders competing with each other for the first 8 prizes each week, the result always depends on your trading skills and luck. So, today we would like to present you another interview with one of our amazingly successful traders, who has won in the Contest 7 times already and looks like he is not going to stop any soon! We are all still struck by this very impressive result. Are you interested in what he has to share? Well, keep reading then!

The hero of the day is Karas from Kenya, who has been trading with us for over a year now. Usually, he prefers to trade short term options and as for his most favourite asset, it’s definitely EURJPY. Nice choice for a BO trader! So, let’s start the interview, shall we?

Ayrex rep:”Hi Karas! So nice to finally meet you online! Our team and audience would like to know more about you and your success story if that’s ok. Could you tell us how do you prepare for each Contest round? Are there any special rituals you like to do?”

Karas: “Hey guys! Thank you for this opportunity and of course, I will be glad to share with you what I know. I do not think that there are actually any special rituals for me, but I like to be prepared for the fight, so before the Contest starts, I sit down comfortably, open my charts on MT4, cause I’m all up for the technical analysis, and look through the charts and price movements. I think it is the key to all my winning deals and would really like to recommend it to every trader, beginner or not”.

Ayrex rep:”Sounds nice and so easy! And why did you decided to join the Contest at the first place? Is there anything about it that you like and maybe don’t like?”

Karas: “I’ve always been looking for something that can help me to train without risking my own money first and Contest brings me just it. Plus, there is a real competitive spirit about it all, what makes it entertaining and fresh! I love it and the duration is nearly perfect - 1 hour is the best time for me and my friends. What I don’t like, I think is that the currency pairs are limited (only 15) and the maximum bet is $500, though I’ve heard that some traders consider it as advantage”.

Ayrex rep:”What would you like to recommend to other participants?”

Karas: ”Well, I guess to win you need to develop your own trading strategy or choose one of the existing ones, trade by the rules and stick to the plan no matter what. Don’t be afraid, if I could win, you can too! Good luck!”.

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Sincerely yours,

Ayrex Team.