Mar 25, 2017 06:19 PM

How to win the free Demo Contest?

Dear Traders,

On Friday hundreds of traders took part in the 222nd Binary Blast Contest and as always competition was tough. Many of you have asked us how to become one of 8 winners and claim your prize and today we decided to prepare another interview with one of the Contest winners for you. One of the winners of the last Contest from India IndianWolf (6th place) was kind enough to share his thoughts and advice about it with us. Hope, you'll find useful on your way to becoming one of the best binary options traders!

Ayrex rep.: "Hi, IndianWolf! Congratulations on your victory in the last round! Could you tell us a little how do you prepare for each round? Are there any special rituals you like to do before it?"

IndianWolf: "My preparation includes getting my mind off from any current situation like being happy or sad or anything else. I cut the emotional part in my trading. Yes, actually I follow a ritual like closing my eyes and telling myself why am I doing it and how exactly am I going to do it".

Ayrex rep.: "Right mindset is really everything, isn't it? And is there anything that you like about the Contest the most? Or maybe there is something that you don't like?"

IndianWolf: "For me, the timing of one hour is the best that can be, cause it makes you bring out the best in you. Also, I wish the Contest would run forever, so we could see the traders that are really the best. I mean they gain 500-800% return in just 1-hour, that's insane!".

Ayrex rep.: "Totally agree! Very often we get to see the most impressive trading performance, like the one you've shown. Could you give any personal recommendations to other traders about it, please?"

IndianWolf: What I can really recommend is to avoid rushing into trading in the first minutes, cause it is just chaos that will be ruling your mind. Instead, wait for 15-20 min: by that time all losers will quit and you'll be able to see the leaderboard and plan accordingly. I won because I placed the majority of my trades in the last 30 minutes. Thank you for giving me this opportunity".

Don't miss your chance to fight for the victory! Join the Demo Contest on Monday, Wednesday or Friday at 12:00 pm EET!

Sincerely yours,

Ayrex Team.