Oct 23, 2017 06:40 PM

Heroes of the Binary Blast

Dear Traders,

“My own heroes are the dreamers. Some succeeded, some failed, most had mixed results... but it is the effort that's heroic, as I see it. Win or lose, I admire those who fight the good fight.” - George R.R. Martin
3 times each week newcomers and pro traders gather together to fight for 8 prizes starting from only $5 and up to $100. It's called the Binary Blast and it is one of the hottest trading competitions in the industry. Wanna be one of them?

I want to be a hero! How can I?

There are no conditions for joining, so everybody can join anytime. All you need is to spend 2 minutes on filling in the details about your contest account and you are ready to go.

Cool! What're the rules?

  • At 12:00 pm EET on Monday, Wednesday and Friday you can join the Binary Blast
  • $1000 to amaze everyone with your trading skills
  • Keep it short: only short-term trading is available
  • Keep it simple: $500 is the biggest that you can invest in 1 position
  • Want to check the full list? Here you go.

Got it! Anything else that I should know?

  • Register only once. Cheating is not cool
  • Be old enough to join. 18 yo or older? Welcome to the Binary Blast!

Of course, everybody wants to be a winner, but how can we do it? We've decided that the best way is to ask one of the winners to share their experience with you. The hero of the day is Mellyboss from Nigeria, who won twice already: elly6th and 8th places (rounds 304, 312).

A: Hi Melly, what's your story? How did you decide to start trading?
M: Well, I saw the advert of Binary Blast on the net. I didn't know what trading was all about until I downloaded the Ayrex app.
A: How do you prepare for the Contest? Are there any special rituals?
M: I found out that there was a demo trial, which everyone can claim with up to 2000$ to play with. It was just a game but that actually got me prepared for the contest though I have lost a couple of times.
A: What do you like about the Contest the most/ the least?
M: I like the fact that there is not only 1 winner but 8 and total $300 is shared amongst them. You can try 3 times every week without depositing a dime, and you can even trade on your real account with the money won in it (p.s. you can also withdraw it without trading).
A: What's your favourite asset?
M: I don't really have any special or favourite assets but I prefer the EUR/USD.
A: Classic! What can you recommend to other participants?
M: My fellow participants should not be greedy and they need to know when they ran out of luck. And I recommend you play the demo trial before trading on real account or on the binary blast contest.
Wanna be a hero? Join the best traders on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 12:00 pm GMT. Everybody can be a hero!
Sincerely yours,
Ayrex Team.