May 24, 2017 11:58 AM

Trading Queens: Geraldine Weiss

Dear Traders,

The world of finance is full of successful and powerful traders, who make it their priority to be the best in it. In our previous posts, you have read stories about the trading kings, but there are queens as well and it would be a real shame not to tell you about their amazing achievements, especially considering that many of them are known as legendary investors.

Have you ever heard about “the Grande Dame of Dividends” and “the Dividend Detective”? Both are nicknames of US investor Geraldine Weiss, editor of Investment Quality Trends. She was one of the very first women who became truly famous in the financial world. She didn’t have a chance to get a classical economic education but had been studying it by every book she could find in the San Diego Public Library and listening to her parents’ conversations (both were investors). When she started to look for a job in finance, she faced disapproval in every investment company she applied. "It was a man's world, and women need not apply," she says.

The start of her career could have been the end of it, but Geraldine decided that if no firm wanted to hire her, she simply had to start her own. So, in 1966 at the age of 40, Geraldine Weiss launched an investment newsletter called “G. Weiss” as a declaration of that every woman can be a very successful trader no matter what the world thinks.

Through the years of investing, Geraldine Weiss developed a value-based, dividend-oriented stock-picking strategy, which became far more popular and recommended than the others at that time. It focuses on the corporations with relatively high yields and uses the dividend yield as a measure of value together with quality factors. It buys stocks when their yields are close to their historical highs and then sells them when the yields drift lower. Weiss is reported to use 7 core criteria in her strategy, including a comparison of a stock's historic average yield with its current yield.

Nowadays, a lot of women in finance still have to face gender discrimination. However, it is becoming more and more of the past thing with such talented, purposeful and brave women like Geraldine Weiss.

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