Jul 14, 2017 02:32 PM

How to win the Contest

Dear Traders,

Since the first round of the free Demo Contest, we have been receiving hundreds of questions of the similar nature: who are the people who win and how they manage to do it? In this interview with one of the winners we will try to answer these 2 important questions and who knows, maybe this is exactly what you need to believe in yourself and start fighting for the victory.


Today our hero is Bhekani S. (Contest nickname is Bhaka) from South Africa, who took the first place in the Demo Contest on 05/29 and took $100 prize.


Ayrex rep: "Hi Bhekani! We're so glad that you've joined us today! By the way, congratulations on your amazing victory! Could you share your trading history with our readers?"

Bhekani: "I started in soccer betting and then realised that I like to predict and want to make my hobby into a steady income. With binary options, it is possible, cause odds here are better than in sports and there is a strategic approach to it. I like to be optimistic about my investments, I don't think it's wise to do otherwise. A 9 to 5 isn't for me as well, I can't live off a salary. I need something that will make me happy and alive and right now it is investing. We'll see how it goes".


Ayrex rep: "How to do you prepare for trading? Are there any special rituals that help you to focus?"

Bhekani: "Nope, nothing like that. I just stick to my tested everyday strategy. I'm not a fan of waiting too long, so Short Term and 5-minute time frame are ideal for me."


Ayrex rep: "Is there anything that you like the Contest the most/the least?"

Bhekani: "I like the rush and I bet most traders crash getting emotional while trading. You need to stay strong and run your own race. You'll be amazed by results which will follow."


Ayrex rep: "What's your favourite asset?"

Bhekani: "Forex majors. Definitely."


Ayrex rep: "Nice choice! Can you give an advice to other traders, who are planning to join the Contest?"

Bhekani: "Don't hesitate, just join. It will help you to sharpen your trading skill. Stick to your trading strategy no matter how much time you're given. Be patient and confident".


Join the Contest, take a real chance to win one of 8 prizes a week by becoming a better trader!

Sincerely yours,

Ayrex Team.