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Verification process (including card verification)

You can deposit and trade without verification. Be advised that withdrawal transaction is only possible if your account is verified. It is done in order to comply with international financial regulations and policies.You will need to submit two photos of documents: one for your ID proof and the other for your address proof. Notice, that we do NOT accept scanned versions, pdf, any digital documents also not accepted. The size of the document should not exceed 5Mb.

To upload your documents please open the right side menu and choose “Documents” section. Requirements for each document are displayed on the right. Please follow them carefully. Aſter you’ve attached the documents click “Upload” button. Once you’ve uploaded all the documents, those will be checked during 3 hours in the working hours of our team. Once your documents are checked you will receive an email with the results.

Please, notice, if you use your bank card to deposit you will need to verify the card according to our AML policy. You will need to include photos of both sides of the card to the "Credit card photo" section, with the following information visible:

  • first 4 and last 4 digits of the card number on the front side;
  • expiry date on the front side;
  • cardholder name on the front side;
  • signature on the back side;
  • the rest of the digits of the card number on the front side of the bank card MUST be concealed;
  • your security code on the back side of the bank card MUST be concealed. To hide this information use a paper strip and NOT a graphic editor.

If your card doesn't have your name imprinted on it you will need to provide us with a screenshot from online banking or a statement from your bank where we can see that the card belongs to you. We need to see your name and the number of your card.

It's very important for us to check this information, because due to the AML Policy, we cannot accept transactions from the third parties. More information about it is available here:

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