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Binary options signals help trader to make a prediction about changes in the market price of available assets. Checking with our signals, trader can reduce the risks of losing trades. Please, notice that our signals are provided by and it is reliable, accurate and really easy to use. You can check the success rate of signals on their website directly.
Signals are available on the real platform only. When you click on the signal, there appears all important information - the asset you should invest in, expiration time of the signal, the chart and the direction you should invest in.

1) To trade using signals you need to monitor their occurrence at every new minute, as well as they usually (but not always) appear at the start of a new minute (3:30 pm, 3:31pm, 3:32pm , for example). Signals can be unavailable for sometime and in such case, please, check the section later. There is no specific timetable for signals, as we receive it from our signals provider irregularly.

2) Following is the description of every column of this section:
Asset - Financial instrument that you can invest in (SpotFX, Indices, commodities, stocks, etc.). When you click on the signal, you will be automatically transferred to the chosen asset.
Interval - Timeframe, for which this signal was created for.
Expiry time - Time when your signal will expire. This time is synchronized with the time of your computer for your convenience. Please, notice, that your trade has to end close to the expiry time and not to exceed it.
Countdown - The period of time, which is covered by the signal’s prediction. Pay attention, that your trade has to fit in its timeframe. For example, when you see that there are 3 minutes left, you need to open a trade 3 minutes only, no matter what the interval section says.
Direction - Shows whether Call or Put should be used. In order to see it, you need to click on the signal and it will open in detail.
Graph - Represents the history of quotes for the chosen asset. Arrow on the graph also shows the direction of the further movement. The maximum size of the picture is the one in the graph directly.
Profit - Indicates the return rate of your trade. The same return rate can be checked in the right column of the platform, where the list of assets is located.

3) Please, be aware, that you need to understand the market situation to invest according to the signals as well as they do not guarantee you 100% result.

4) Please, carefully check all information in signals section when it comes, compare it to the market situation and invest only after you make sure that all conditions are implemented.

5) We recommend you to read more about signal on the Internet because the more information you get, the more professionally you will use signals and it will be more profitable for you.

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