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AYREX offers its clients various possibilities for binary options trading. Every option type has its own features and advantages. You can trade with any type depending on your trading strategies and preferences.
To choose an option type simply click on one of the tabs on the right side of the platform:

Those are three the most popular option types on the market.

High-Low Options
This is a classic type of binary options and the most popular. For that you need to make a correct prediction whether price is going to be higher or lower than the one at the opening.

You can set an expiration time starting from 15 minutes until 1 hour by clicking arrows on both sides of the Expiration time field. That time cannot be customized, you can only use a preset timeframes.
“Time to buy option” means how much is left until you can open a deal for that timeframe. The field “Outcome” indicates how much you’ll get back if your prediction is correct (it is your investment plus the return rate). You need to choose a Call button if you want to invest into rising movement of quotes, and click Put button if you expect quotes to fall.

Short Term Options
Short Term options are based on High/Low but have lower expiry times. One of the benefits of this option is high profitability. During the period of strong market fluctuations, short term trading gains special meaning. The stakes are high, but there is a possibility of a high profit.

Ayrex offers following expiration time options for short term binary options: 30 second, 1, 2, 3 and 5 minute options. To choose desired expiration time, click on one of the tabs above Call and Put buttons.

One Touch Options
This is a type of an option where the trader is predicting whether an asset’s price reaches or does not reach so called “target price” which is set before the investment is made. If you hit “touch” and the target price is reached - the payout is deposited to your account.

Instead of the regular Call and Put Buttons there are four, as there are four possible options to invest in. For example, if you choose “Below” and “Touch” at the same time, it would mean that you think that the price will Touch the line below the target price. If you choose “Not touch” it would mean that you are predicting that the price will not reach the line. For Touch/No Touch Options the expiry time is fixed every 15 minutes.

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