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All you need to know about assets

An asset is a financial tool which you can trade with.
List of the available assets is located on the right hand side of the platform interface. To choose a certain asset just click on the corresponding line:

Ayrex offers various assets to choose from including currency pairs, commodities, indices and stocks (coming soon).

Currency Pairs:

This is the most popular type of an asset. It represents the proportion between base and quote currencies. The first currency in the pair (EUR, for example) is a base currency, and the second one (USD) - quote currency.


Commodities are all the goods which are traded on stock markets and their price is determined by global supply and demand. The most popular commodities are Precious Metals and Oil.


Indices are aggregated financial instruments which consist of groups of different shares and their price is calculated with a certain formula. Every stock exchange has its indices, prices on which are determined by average value of all the shares of the companies included in the index.

Stocks: (coming soon)

Stocks are shares of different companies which you can trade. Trading binary stock options is profitable due to the stock price changes related to global events, financial news and more.

We also offer you to combine your favourite assets to one group which will be located above all other assets. You can do that by clicking on “Heart” sign. The same way you can undo it.

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