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After you’ve set all account details you can now proceed to the depositing process. In order to get the fullest experience of the platform, personal funds are usually required. After you’ve tried out our available bonuses, practised your skills on Demo platform, you decided to bring your own funds to the trading account. Please, follow the instructions below to complete your deposit.

Making your first deposit

In order to start trading you need to deposit your personal account with at least 25 USD/EUR. Ayrex does not accept deposits from third parties which is why your personal information has to match your profile. In that case such deposit will be refunded back to the payment source (more on the matter you can read in the section Refund).
The first deposit defines currency of your account. You can make a deposit either in USD or EUR but you will not be able to change the currency after your first deposit.
Ayrex offers various deposit methods you can choose from. The list of all available for you deposit methods you can find in the right side menu. You need to click “Deposit” and choose one of the payment options available and then follow instructions step-by-step.

Aſter you've chosen one of the options (we used Neteller as an example), fill in all the required fields and choose your bonus amount if applicable. If you don't wish to claim the bonus, just ‘disable’ it by clicking on the bonus sign one more time. The icon becomes grey which means that the bonus is disabled.
Aſter that is done, we will ask you to confirm the information. Carefully check the amounts and hit the Confirm button. You will then be forwarded to the intermediary website to finalize the transaction. Enter you payment service credentials and confirm the transaction.
Aſter transaction is completed, the funds will be instantly deposited to your Ayrex account. The only exception is deposit by banks (more information on that you can find in the appropriate section of the Manual). Keep in mind that AYREX will pay all the transaction fees when you deposit.

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