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E-wallets are electronic payment systems which can be used for the deposit/withdrawal to/from Ayrex. We offer you a range of different e-wallets to choose from: Neteller, Fasapay and Skrill. Those are wide-known international payment systems which are reliable and quite easy to use.
After you fill in the deposit form in your personal account on Ayrex, you’ll be redirected to the site of the processor you’ve chosen. In there you’ll need to log in to your e-wallet account. After that you’ll be transferred to the Transaction form. Please, check your transaction details carefully and if everything is correct, complete the transaction. All e-wallets are instant and free of any commission.


In case you’ve decided to use Skrill, please, pay attention on the following information. During the deposit process with Skrill you’ll be given a form to choose whether to use your card or Skrill balance. You need to choose Skrill balance, the card deposit won’t be processed.
You can deposit even if emails on Ayrex and Skrill are different, that doesn't affect anything.


Neteller has recently introduced some changes in accounts of its clients. Now during the deposit to your Neteller account from credit/debit cards you have a choice of picking to what pool (Gambling and Non-gambling) you want to deposit funds.

Notice, that Foreign exchange companies has been added to Gambling group. Hence, in order to be able to use funds from Neteller to top up your account balance on Ayrex, you need to choose Gambling during the deposit process.

Once the pool is defined and the deposit is made to Gambling/Non-gambling account you cannot reverse it.

Although, funds deposited via Skrill, other merchant, International bank transfer can be used for Gambling transactions without any issues.

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