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Quick start guide

To start trading Binary Options with Ayrex you should:

1. Register on the website

Just go to and press the red “Log in” button. In the pop-up window select “Registration”. Fill in all the required information, agree to the T&C and click “Open account” button. Once that is completed, you will receive an email from AYREX with further instructions. Please, keep in mind that you should only provide us with your real data.

2. Verify your account

In accordance with Anti-Money Laundering regulations, to prevent potential fraud and ensure safety and reliability of clients' funds, AYREX requests the following documents from its customers:

  • Identity proof. It can be your international or internal passport, national ID, driving licence. This should be a government issued ID that confirms your identity. Proof of your residential address. That should be an official document, where your name and address can be found. It can be a utility bill, a bank statement or any other official paper which contains the information mentioned above.
  • In case you use your bank card to deposit money to your account, you might be asked to provide photos of both sides of your card with certain card information hidden. If you use several cards to deposit to your account you will need to provide us with photos of each card.
  • Please note, that providing us with these documents is necessary for any funds withdrawal from your account.

3. Make a deposit to your account

In order to start trading you should make a deposit. With AYREX you can start with $25 minimum deposit! To make a deposit go to "Make a deposit" section of your Ayrex personal account and choose the desired payment option.

4. Start the platform

Now that you are ready to trade, click the 'Trading' button.

5. Select an option type

AYREX offers classical High/Low options; Short Term options, where expiration time ranges from 30 seconds to 5 minutes; Touch/No Touch options.

6. Choose an asset

AYREX offers you various assets to invest in. You can choose from 15 currency pairs, Precious metals, Oil, US natural Gas and numerous Indices!

7. Make a prediction

Predict the direction the price of the chosen asset will take. If you are trading One Touch options, then you need to predict whether the price will or will not hit a certain level in the predetermined time interval.

8. Consider the amount of money

you would like to invest. Please remember that although binary options can help you profit, they may carry certain financial risks. We advise you to only trade with money you can afford to lose. Once you've entered the amount, you outcome is calculated automatically.

9. Complete your investment

by pressing "Call", "Put" or "Buy option" button, depending on your prediction and type of the option.

10. Wait for the result

If you prediction was correct, your option will expire in-the-money, thus instantly adding your profit to your balance.

11. Withdraw your funds

Whenever you are satisfied with your account growth. According to Ayrex financial policy, funds can only be withdrawn by the same means they were deposited. To perform a withdrawal, login to your account and fill in the withdrawal request form. You will receive an email confirmation once your withdrawal is completed.