What is the Binary Blast?
The Binary Blast is a demo trading contest with real monetary prizes. Over the course of 1 hour the contestants trade in demo mode with a starting balance of $1000 to achieve maximum profit. 8 contestants with the maximum balance at the end of each round receive up to $30 as prize money, which they are absolutely free to trade with or withdraw any time. For more detail on the contest terms and conditions please go to the Rules page.
Is it free?
Contest participation is 100% free and does not require an initial deposit or fee.
Do I need to register for each round?
There is NO need to sign up for each new round, your contest account is valid for however many rounds you choose to participate in.
How do I join the contest?
If you are new to Ayrex: To join the contest you need to go to Contests page and click on the Join Contest button. You will see a registration form, where you'll be asked to fill out the standard information fields, as well as to select an avatar and a nickname. Click "Submit" and check your e-mail for the Confirmation letter with a link to verify your e-mail address. After your e-mail has been confirmed, your registration process is complete. You will be alerted about the contest start 15 minutes in advance via e-mail or an sms if the telephone number you provided is valid.

If you are already an Ayrex trader: Go to Contests page and click Join Contest. You will see a small form, where you enter your contest nickname and select an avatar. Please note that the nickname should not exceed 10 symbols and the avatar shouldn't be larger than 5Mb in size. Click "Submit" and check your mail for Confirmation. You will be alerted about the contest start 15 minutes in advance via e-mail or an sms if the telephone number you provided is valid.
How can I change my avatar and nickname?
You can change your Contest Nickname and Avatar in your Personal Area under section "Account Settings".
Do I need to verify my contest account?
In order to withdraw the prize money from your account you absolutely need to verify your account. However, you don't have to verify your identity to take part.
When does the contest start? How do I enter it?
The Binary Blast goes live every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 14:00 (EET time). You will be alerted 15 minutes in advance via e-mail or 30 minutes in advance via SMS (if the mobile phone you provided is valid). Once you received the alerts, go to the Contest page and watch the countdown. You will be ushered into the contest automatically once it goes live.
How do I trade?
Each contestant is assigned a $1000 starting balance. Please note that the amount of money in work must not exceed $500 at one time. Thus, if you've opened an option with $500 you can not open another one until the previous one expires.
How can I win?
We highly recommend that you train using our demo platform well in advance. No registration or credit card required to do so. Read up on short term trading strategies, gear up with signals or simply follow your intuition. Our top-traders swear by picking a strategy and sticking to it instead of making blind bets.
How do I receive my prize?
Your prize will be deposited into your trading account automatically at the end of the contest round. You need to verify your account in order to withdraw the funds. Ayrex DOES NOT lock the prize funds or delay the withdrawal in any shape or form as dozens of our prize-holders can testify.
Have any questions we didn't cover? Please contact our Support Team via live-chat or e-mail.