Try the first binary options broker with automatic withdrawals
Control your funds 24/7 and withdraw profit instantly
Why autowithdrawal is awesome and revolutionary
Withdraw your funds 24/7
Pay no comission for withdrawals
Be protected with 2-step authorization
Get withdrawal in seconds
Barak B.
WOW didn't know it existed. Maybe I'm only one who does it but I like to get money to my personal account after I finish trading this day.. So this is so good for me not to wait and worry anymore. Ayrex usual withdrawals are fast but this is super!
Justus B.
Can say only one thing -- this is GREAT!!! First broker that gives traders what they ask! Finally they did this, it was damn tiring to request money all this time.....!!! You are actually listening to usKEEP UP THE GOOD JOB Ayrex!!!
Stefan S.
No wait and no comission?! No way! Glad they took the approval process out!!!! Ayrex, you sure know how to keep me interested!
Mandla K.
THIS WON ME OVER. I'd rather withdraw once a day without a headache than withdrawaing and waiting and thinking of comission... Great offer, AYREX.
Omar E.
As a trader from Namibia it's so far from Ayrex time zone. I was requesting withdrawal when financial department wasn't working so I had to wait.... I tested this feature yesterday and I know it's a godsend for me because there's no more waiting. THANK YOU.
Alex M.
First time I hear about this and automatic withdrawals are seriously cool. When you see a feature like this you realize that you found a broker that actually cares about the traders. It's a rare thing and I hope it stays. Thank you Ayrex.
Still hesitating? Did you know that:
  • 95%
    of all withdrawals Ayrex processes automatically
  • 89%
    of respondents are satisfied with automatic withdrawals
  • 12%
    of all withdrawals fall on weekends and after hours
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